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Fluid Management

ApTex's in-house coolant lab and factory trained technicians enable us to partner with you to provide a high level of service that will eliminate the headaches that are associated with the industrial lubricants used in your facility.

We also offer

  • Condat/Petrolube – Patented way lube and hydraulic oil that do not contain any phosphorus, zinc or sulphur to improve sump life with any brand of coolant.
  • Acculube – Vegetable based lubricants for most applicants.
  • 5 BIO-CIRCLE L Cleaning Solution
    • Free of VOCs
    • Environmentally friendly
    • Non-flammable
    • Non toxic
    • pH neutral
    • Biodegradable
    • Operator friendly
    • Breaks down contaminants into H2O and CO2
    • Solvent free
  • Bio-Circle, the only self-renewing and self-regenerating parts cleaning system on the market today!
  • Keller Pump/Separators for Coolant and Cutting Oil Help Maximize Shop Efficiency, Eliminate Shop Order, Extend Life of Cutting Tools and Fluids
  • Keller Tramp Oil Separators Clean Coolant! The Premier Portable Unit * Thousands in Service
  • Filter Sludge and Chips from Cutting Oil or Coolant without Emptying the Sumps!

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