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Lenox introduces SAWCALC for realtime solutions to your toughest sawing jobs

Kennametal's Newest Generation in Drilling KSEM - Plus™

  • Double the productivity over conventional indexable drills
  • Double effective design increases penetration rates

Kennametals's Beyond™ holds the power to turn productivity into profit.

In recent controlled tests, Kennametal's newest tooling platform beat the competition's best 85% of the time! In 1,302 conducted experiments, Beyond™ proved to be 30%-300% more productive an astounding 1,100 times. That's advanced engineering that is built to outperform – at any speed, on any application. Proven metal cutting innovation that delivers increased productivity leading to greater profitability.

  • 3,000 New Line Items
  • 15 New Grades
  • 24 New Geometries


Companies that utilize an AUTOCRIB system typically experience the following savings!

  • Reduce Item Usage 20% or more
  • Reduced Inventory Levels
  • Control 2nd & 3rd Shift Tool Usage
  • Reduced Walk-Around/Trip Time
  • Reduced Machine Down-Time
  • Reduced Receiving Costs
  • Eliminate Obsolete Parts
  • Reduced Shipping &Expediting Costs

NEW Innovative Smaller Equipment!

  • Affordable for smaller shops
  • Perfect size for cell machines
  • Carousel system allows dispensing a wide variety of items

ApTex creative programs may require no expenditure on our part to implement a AutoCrib system in your facility.

Contact your ApTex Salesperson or our VMI Specialists for more info!

Sandi Melville... Phone: (414) 350-5803 Email:

Mark Meier ... Phone: (414) 915-1073 Email;

Shelly Krainer  ... Phone: (262) 888-3289 Email;


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